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Social Media, Platform for interacting via several means and multiple purposes. Social media has unique role in everyone’s day-to-day life, depending on person and their needs.

I use social media for many reason, such as for communicating with friends and colleagues, news feed and recent updates in sports and other activities. Sometimes I do use for broadcasting several messages and for marketing purposes needed for some organisation I’m associated with.

Now a days people started using social media for recruitment purpose. Companies and Organizations post their current vacancies on social media platform along with redirect link of their website.

People can save their task online as Blog, online pages, forums and several other means on and as form of social media. People spread their message and awareness through this blogging site and various platform of social clash royale hack 2017 no verification media to interact and get support from their follower and users. People also post their videos, interactive tutorials and other means with the help of social media. E-Learning is also form of social media. Not only this, Most of news paper are available online in various forms.


Social media is more like Revolution”.

And without fail I should mention, on professional side I use LinkedIn, to interact and get latest updates from companies I’ve interest and I follow.

Social Media Revolution 2016 –┬áMohamed Zohny

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